Sea Recovery – A global company trusted for over 30 years.

For over 30 years Sea Recovery has developed and evolved into the world’s leading watermaker manufacture. Sea Recovery has been established as the global leader in reverse osmosis watermakers, servicing the Commercial-Marine, Offshore, Oil and Gas, Military, and Land base industries.

Sea Recovery is passionate about delivering the most advanced industrial watermakers in the market. Along with our systems, our customers obtain a customer service team that is backed up by a global network of agents, distributors, and service dealers. At Sea Recovery, we have a commitment to exceed customer expectations.

Global Network

No matter where you are in the world, you can be sure that there’s a certified Sea Recovery service specialist ready to service your water system.


Sea Recovery manages a 3 million dollar inventory that contains all of our spare parts and consumables, tested and ready to ship to any part of the world.


Many of our distributing / service partners have helicopter certified technicians, able to service your Sea Recovery water system in any location.

custom-built watermakers

Our water systems accommodate space restrictions and offshore conditions. The new North Sea Modular is a system that does just that, designed to eliminate the need for cutting waterproof doors, saving our customers time and money.


Full color touch screens, oil free pumps, intelligent software, and standard MODBUS communications lets you easily control and monitor your water system from remote locations.


Sea Recovery has been approved by commercial and industrial independent product safety standards such as those from UL, IEC, ABS, and CE. Sea Recovery is also ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and Type Approval by The American Bureau of Shipping.