Custom Systems

Sea Recovery Custom Water Systems

Sea Recovery’s advanced water systems are capable of being customized to the special needs of our customers. We work closely with our customers to meet all specifications, whether it’s for customized parts, production capacities, or a complete customized re-design. Sea Recovery’s customized RO water systems provide the same advanced technologies as the standard systems and are delivered and commissioned to any location in the world. Our typical delivery time for customized systems ranges from 10 to 12 weeks.


After receiving your specifications, Sea Recovery’s Engineers and System Designers go to work designing a system that will meet or exceed specification. Once the final design is approved by the customer, our dedicated team of specialists begin building the system that will look and function to agreed standards.


Customized systems are given as much attention as our standard systems. Always the lead in industry standards, Sea Recovery water systems are built with quality parts and materials. We use advanced electronics and modern user interfaces that allow ease of operation and maintenance. Our building process also includes extensive testing that ensure the system will run flawlessly and will adhere to safety standards once in full operation.


Sea Recovery’s local sales representatives work closely with customers to ensure that their system is delivered and commissioned promptly and properly. With service specialists located in every part of the world, we have local assistance if needed. Typically a completely re-designed custom system takes no longer than 12 weeks to be delivered at the desired location.