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Dockside UltRO Clear System

2,400 GPD to 3,400 GPD

Features & Benefits:


The Dockside UltRO Clear is ideal for spot free rinsing/cleaning of your boats interior and exterior.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of having purified water to drink as ultra pure water is 99% free of all water solids. It is perfect for rinsing hulls, windows, glass shower enclosures, stainless steel, and more. It will help extend the life of your vessel as it gently lifts debris and dries spot free as the absence of dissolved leaves no water spots behind.

  • Dirty to spot free with ease and reliability
  • Enclosed in a rugged case for durability
  • No worry transfer from boat to dock, it floats!
  • All connections are external, no need to open the case
  • Internal filter easily changed from external access lid
  • Mobile, versatile, and portable


Part No. Description
85-0102 Clean Cartridge Kit
33-0321-X Element, Brackish WTR, XLE-3021
3131420156 Meter DS Pocket (TDS4)


Part No. Production/Hr Production/Day Number of Membranes Electrical VAC/Ph/Hz Amps (FLA) Weight Dimensions Inch (cm)
DUC2400-116 100 Gal/379 Lit 2400 Gal/9084 Lit 2 110/1/60 10 85 lbs/38.6kg 32.6 X 18.4 X 11.1
(82.8 X 46.74 X 28.20)
DUC3400-116 142 Gal/536 Lit 3400 Gal/12869 Lit 3 110/1/60 10 95 lbs/43.1kg 32.6 X 18.4 X 11.1
(82.8 X 46.74 X 28.20)

*Higher capacity systems are available upon request.

dockside-ultro-clear-system-1External Connections
dockside-ultro-clear-system-2All Components are Internal
dockside-ultro-clear-system-3External Wheels
dockside-ultro-clear-system-4Convenient Handle for Mobility
dockside-ultro-clear-system-5Easy Access Filter Lid
dockside-ultro-clear-system-6Main Unit

To maintain peak performance always use genuine Parker replacement parts. We reserve the right to change our specifications or standards without notice.