About SR line of systems

About Sea Recovery

About Sea Recovery’s Line of Watermakers

Innovation and quality is what sets Sea Recovery as a standard among the marine industry. Below are some of the features that sets our brand of watermakers apart.

NMEA 2000 Compatibility

NMEA diagram

NMEA 2000 gives you the ability to communicate with your electronics remotely, while eliminating messy and hazardous wires and clutter within the engine room. Our new line of watermakers (the Aqua Matic and Aqua Whisper DX series) are NMEA compliant, giving boaters the power to monitor and communicate with their watermaker through any NMEA 2000 compatible display.*

User Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Touch Screen Interface

Our latest models come equipped with a full color touch screen and user interface that is easy to use. System start up and controls are able to be activated with a single touch**. System settings are easy to access and features multiple language settings as well as US or metric standard measurement settings.

Space Efficient Designs and Configurations

Smallest line of watermakers

Our smallest watermaker, the Aqua Whisper Mini 170 is only 1 foot tall. Making it the convenient choice for those who have space restrictions. Besides the Aqua Whisper Mini series, all of our line of watermakers offer compact or modular configurations, giving more freedom for installation choices.

High Efficiency Membranes

High Efficiency Membranes

Sea Recovery Watermakers create more water per square inch than any other system in the world. By utilizing high efficiency membranes, there is a 17% more filtering surface area than conventional membranes. This reduces the amount of membranes and installation space, but also reduces maintenance costs.

Quality Tested and Certified

Sea Recovery Standards

Safety and quality is our number one priority. As a result, Sea Recovery is certified by the following associations:

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Sea Recovery currently has full product line acceptance.

CE Approval
The CE mark indicates that our products comply with legal standards of the EU directives.

National Marine Manufactures Association
Southern California Marine Association
Sea Recovery is an active member in good standing

*Check with your display manufacturer for compatibility   |   ** Single touch start up available for the Aqua Matic Series