SR watermaker benefits

About Sea Recovery

The Benefits of a Sea Recovery Watermaker

Carry less weight – cruise faster and farther while decreasing your fuel costs.

Cruising with a full water tank, or an extra 1,700 pounds will result in more wasted fuel, slower speeds, and shorter trips with interruptions. A Sea Recovery watermaker allows you to cruise faster and farther by eliminating the extra water weight you might usually carry on your boat. This saves you time and money, while maximizing yacht performance.

Fresh water wash downs – Preserve your yacht exterior

Sea Recovery product water is highly effective in preserving your yacht’s exterior. With the ability to act as a sponge, Sea Recovery water absorbs and washes out all unwanted sea salt and minerals, drying clean and spotless. Wash downs with Sea Recovery water not only save time, but also increases the value of your yacht.

No cruising limits or boundaries

With a Sea Recovery watermaker, you do not need to plan your boating activities around marina stops. There’s no need to stock up on fresh water, giving you the ability to cruise direct to your destination. Whether you use it to drink, shower, or wash down your boat, owning a Sea Recovery watermaker provides unlimited possibilities that save money and increases leisure time.


Fresh Water Wash Downs

You can increase the value of your boat up to 10% by washing it down with Sea Recovery product water.

Better Tasting

Sea Recovery water has superior taste than your regular tap. Experience the true taste of coffee by using Sea Recovery product water

Clear Ice Cubes

Because of it’s purity, you can create clear ice cubes with Sea Recovery water. Store fish of the day with Sea Recovery water ice for the best preservation.

Pure water

Sea Recovery water uses the most effective filtration system known as Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis filtration is capable of filtering the smallest Ionic impurities, Including bacteria and viruses.